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Seeding and sustaining technological infrastructures for feminist activism, organizations and movements.

Numun Fund is the first dedicated fund for feminist tech in, and for the Larger World, aka the Global South. Our aim is to seed and sustain feminist technology infrastructure for movement organising, and we understand digital technologies to be an important part of movement infrastructure.

We are excited to share that we are supporting 43 groups working on feminism and technology as part of our  first Seed, Grow and Sustain grant! The Seed, Grow and Sustain grants aim to support feminist groups, organizations and networks led by women, non-binary and trans people who use technology to advance feminist organizing and gender-just outcomes..

Who and What Will We Fund?

Feminist groups, organizations and networks led by women, non-binary and trans people are eligible to apply to Numun Fund. This fund will seed and resource a growing ecosystem of feminist engagement with technology in order to:

Support Feminist Tech Infrastructure

Funding to eligible feminist groups and organizations that are working on information technology, digital security, data activism, digitally-networked organizing and skills sharing, and strategic communications.

Build Feminist Resilience

Of feminist movements, women/trans-led organizations, and activists, challenging the surveillance and unjust regulation by governments and non-state actors. We will offer support to strengthen and expand the skills and capacities needed to assess technology needs, and create appropriate responses and tools for safety, activism, resource distribution and movement building.

Foster Feminist Tech Creativity and Innovation

By bringing together different stakeholders engaged on social justice, feminism, digital rights and technology activism to deepen analysis and collaboration. We will together imagine and develop alternative feminist frameworks and technology responses to issues such as disparity and discrimination in technology access, design and development.

About us

Numun is Sumerian word for “seed.” The Numun Fund is created to provide initial support and sustainability required within technological infrastructures for feminist activism, organizations, and movements. The Numun Fund honors the fact that art, music, literature, science, and technology have flourished across the world, and have often been led by communities in the Global South.


Numun Fund aims to seed, resource, and sustain feminist tech infrastructures to mobilize and redistribute resources for the growing ecosystem of feminist tech activism. We will contribute to shift power and resources to feminist and women/trans-led groups, organizations and networks who use technology to advance social justice and build technology for the world we want.

Seed, Grow and Sustain

We are excited to share that we are supporting 43 groups from Africa, Asia, Southwest Asia & North Africa, Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, Caribbean and the Pacific as part of our first open Seed Grow and Sustain grant. The first dedicated grant to support feminist tech activism in the Larger World.

Find out more about our grantmaking process, and the Community-led Selection Community here.