Region: Central & South America

  • Confluencia de Mujeres

    Confluencia de Mujeres

    Confluencia de Mujeres is a group of women, urban, peasant, artists, artisans, athletes, poets, walkers, mothers, of diverse ages, ethnicities, sexualities and human rights defenders in seven territories of the country. They are committed to dispute and create conditions for the dignified life of women in Colombia, from public action, research and training.

  • Sursiendo


    Sursiendo is an organization in southern Mexico that contributes to the transformation of digital technologies into spaces for autonomy, where all types of people can enjoy their freedom and collective digital rights, supporting the creation of a world where development considers both the sociotechnical and naturalenvironments. Their thematicfocus are digital communality, collective digital care and…

  • Ciberfem Lab

    Ciberfem Lab

    Ciberfem Lab is a space in Guatemala to create, discover, expropriate, appropriate and share present and ancestral knowledges for autonomy and technological sovereignty.

  • Data Critica

    Data Critica

    Data Crítica is a collective that focuses on the appropriation and sharing of open source technologies and methodologies for empowering narratives and investigation with data analysis, data visualization, and artificial intelligence. They use these tools for researching and exposing the mechanisms of patriarchal and colonial systems of domination. They also work towards decolonizing and de-patriarchalizing…

  • Movilidades Libres y Elegidas CoLibres

    Movilidades Libres y Elegidas CoLibres

    CoLibres is a group of women in southern Mexico, organized to promote and create conditions for people living in vulnerablesituations for the full exercise of their rights, particularly women, youth and migrant and refugees. They work from gender, intercultural and human rights based approaches, focused oneducation and land rights to promote autonomy.

  • Mujeres Activistas por el Software Libre

    Mujeres Activistas por el Software Libre

    Mujeres Activistas por el Software Libre are a Venezuelan organization founded in 2006 that seeks to feminize technologies with emphasis in generating safe spaces in open information technologies for women throughout the country.

  • Zineteca Luneta

    Zineteca Luneta

    Zineteca Luneta is a community based zine library in Brazil that operates in analog form bringing feminist content and zine creation workshops to rural areas, in digital form as a platform built to expand the feminist information exchange between communities of the global South.

  • R.A.M Redes Autónomas de Memoria

    R.A.M Redes Autónomas de Memoria

    R.A.M is a laboratory of artistic practices created to equip themselves with cyber-transhackfeminist self-defense strategies to confront gender violence through collective care, healing, art, sound and visual experimentation.

  • Navegando Libres por la Red

    Navegando Libres por la Red

    Navegando Libres Por La Red in Ecuador works for making visible, accompany and mitigate gender violence that occurs in the digital environment.

  • AzMina


    AzMina is a non-profit feminist organization that uses technology, data and communication to promote gender equity. They seek to reduce violence against women through the use of technology created by and for women.

  • ONG Amaranta

    ONG Amaranta

    ONG Amaranta is a feminist organisation, founded in Concepción, Chile, that seeks to prevent and eradicate gender violence through education and activism. They have an intersectional approach and work in different areas: art and culture, technology, human rights, labor, children and youth. They conduct workshops, create educational materials for free circulation, do research and also…