Numun Fund was germinated through a confluence of advocacy and recognised need on the importance of resourcing feminist tech. Despite a landscape of increasing threats and growing feminist responses, there is very little resource available to support this work and movement, particularly in the Larger World.

The global lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic make clear that digital infrastructure and tools are critical for social movements. It provided the context, momentum and opportunity to pool together years of philanthropic advocacy and movement activism to seed the idea of a dedicated fund for feminist tech organising, in and led by the Larger World.

Through conversations, strategising and planning across distances online, built on shared commitment and growing trust between founding team members, Numun Fund was seeded in June 2020 - and continue to grow and become through generosity of insight and support from a constellation of collaborators.

Numun is Sumerian word for “seed.” The Numun Fund is created to provide initial support and sustainability required within technological infrastructures for feminist activism, organizations, and movements. Numun Fund honors the fact that art, music, literature, science, and technology have flourished across the world, and have often been led by communities in the Global South.

Our People

Founder team

  • Jac sm Kee
  • Anasuya Sengupta, Whose Knowledge?
  • Esra'a Al Shafei, Majal

Strategic thought partners

  • Women Win
  • Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds

Accountability Council

The Accountability Council is a key peer accountability and oversight body to ensure that Numun Fund fulfills its mission, lives up to its feminist values, and adheres to performance, fiduciary, financial, and other legal requirements. Members will serve as volunteers, in terms of 2 years (2022- 2024).

  • Vinita Sahasranaman (India)
  • Xeenarh Mohammed (Nigeria)
  • Alexandra Garita (Mexico/USA)
  • Leila Hessini (Algeria/USA)


  • Jac sm Kee, Co-founder & Cartographer, aka Executive Director (Malaysia)
  • Jan Moolman, Co-Cartographer (South Africa)
  • Karen D’Mello, Organisational Choreographer (India)
  • Kathleen Azali, Tech Lead (Indonesia)
  • Laura Aristizábal, Programmes Weaver (Colombia)
  • Lulú V. Barrera, Conversations Grower (Mexico)
  • Sheila Mulli, Programmes Weaver (Kenya)
  • Syar S Alia, Info & Knowledge Systems Choreographer (Malaysia)

Grantmaking design circle

The Grantmaking Design Circle is a group made up of members in our movement ecosystem that helps us to shape and help implement Numun Fund’s grantmaking. The group consists of activists and practitioners in feminist tech, technology and human rights, women’s funds and intersectional feminist and social justice movements.

  • Paz Peña, independent consultant and activist on technologies, feminism, and social justice (Chile)
  • Srinidhi Raghavan, disabled feminist, writer, researcher and trainer (India)
  • Caroline Kouassiaman, queer, bilingual, African feminist who works for a world where LGBTQI persons have the opportunity, autonomy and resources to live full, healthy and violence-free lives on their own terms (West Africa)
  • Zara Rahman, researcher and writer whose interests lie at the intersection of power, technology and justice (Germany)
  • Nadine Moawad, feminist activist (Lebanon)
  • Salome Chagelishvili, feminist activist devoted to social and gender justice (Georgia)
  • Isabella Marambanadzo, feminist activist and organiser who is comfortable in diverse cultural contexts (Zimbabwe)

Constellation of collaborators

Numun Fund nurtures and is grown from shared activism, generosity of insight and support from a constellation of collaborators. This includes both formal and informal collaborations, and whose engagement are critical in how we continue to develop and grow. They include:

  • Cheekay Cinco, Strategic tech facilitator and advisor (Phillipines)
  • Sofia Karakaidou, Founding team women’s funds networking collaborator (Portugal/ United Kingdom)
  • Renata Affonso, Founding team resource mobilisation strategic collaborator (Brazil/Netherlands)
  • Ruby Amelia Johnson, Feminist participatory grantmaking advisor (Australia/Mexico)
  • Devi Leiper O’Malley, Strategic blueprint facilitator ( Cambodia / USA)
  • Jessica Horn, Feminist grantmaking strategy thought partner ( United Kingdom)
  • Adele Vrana, Whose Knowledge? Organisational and knowledge building thought partner (Brazil, USA)
  • Gloria Peña, Ops connective tissue with Women Win (El Salvador/Netherlands)
  • APC Women’s Rights Programme, Larger-world led feminist tech organisational thought partner