Whose Knowledge?




Mexico / USA

Algeria / USA

Co-founder & Cartographer (Malaysia)

Co-Cartographer (South Africa)

Organisational Choreographer (India)

Tech Weaver (Indonesia)

Programmes Weaver (Colombia)

Conversations Grower (Mexico)

Programmes Weaver (Kenya)

Info & Knowledge Systems Choreographer (Malaysia)

independent consultant and activist on technologies, feminism, and social justice (Chile)

disabled feminist, writer, researcher and trainer (India)

queer, bilingual, African feminist who works for a world where LGBTQI persons have the opportunity, autonomy and resources to live full, healthy and violence-free lives on their own terms (West Africa)

researcher and writer whose interests lie at the intersection of power, technology and justice (Germany)

feminist activist (Lebanon)

feminist activist devoted to social and gender justice (Georgia)

feminist activist and organiser who is comfortable in diverse cultural contexts (Zimbabwe)

Strategic tech facilitator and advisor (Phillipines)

Founding team women’s funds networking collaborator (Portugal/ United Kingdom)

Founding team resource mobilisation strategic collaborator (Brazil/Netherlands)

Feminist participatory grantmaking advisor (Australia/Mexico)

Strategic blueprint facilitator ( Cambodia / USA)

Feminist grantmaking strategy thought partner (United Kingdom)

Whose Knowledge? Organisational and knowledge building thought partner (Brazil, USA)

Ops connective tissue with Women Win (El Salvador/Netherlands)

Larger-world led feminist tech organisational thought partner