Numun Fund aims to seed, resource, and sustain feminist tech infrastructures to mobilize and redistribute resources for the growing ecosystem of feminist tech activism. We will contribute to shift power and resources to feminist and women/trans-led groups, organizations and networks who use technology to advance social justice and build technology for the world we want.

To achieve our mission, we have five strategies of change as the backbone of our work, each one builds off the impact of the others so that the process is regenerative and circular:

  1. Resource feminist tech networks and communities; by providing holistic grants to feminist tech community, supporting grants for convenings and cross-movement work, and mapping and documenting trends, gaps, needs, opportunities.
  2. Strengthen feminist, women's rights and other social movements; by distributing dedicated technology grants for women/trans activists and organizations and promoting feminist skills and resource exchange to initiate strategic partnerships for integrating technology.
  3. Catalyze techtonic shifts in technology and philanthropic sectors; by playing a key role in advocating for more and better tech resources for feminist organizing to influence funding flows going towards gender equality, and women, girls, and trans people, as well as tech and digital rights philanthropy.
  4. Create/nourish technologies that work for the majority; through fostering community convening for collective imagination to envision feminist futures that shift technology frameworks, principles, platforms and protocols.
  5. Strengthening Numun Fund as an organism; to fulfill our mission by growing our team, evolving internal practices and structures encoded with feminist values of technology and organising, towards becoming an autonomous entity.


Committed to using a participatory approach on its grantmaking programme, Numun Fund is giving shape to its funding streams with participation from its Grantmaking Design Circle, an advisory group made up by activists and practitioners in feminist tech, human rights, women’s funds and intersectional feminist and social justice movements, led by the Larger World (meet them here!).

Since its germination Numun Fund has engaged in several community conversations held regularly, as key iterative processes to deepen our understanding of realities in the movements and contexts we are both part of and we aim to resource and strengthen, looking for direct input from activists to inform how we approach grantmaking and our programming.

Sown throughout Numun’s unfolding practice and approach in grantmaking is a political commitment towards collective power and distributed decision-making. We are building from the efforts and advocacy of women’s funds on participatory grantmaking, and the insights and learnings from technology-facilitated participatory initiatives that aim to shift and share power.

Our Grantmaking Design Circle uses the following design principles to guide its work:

  • Transparency builds trust
  • Inclusive and movement-led accountability
  • Participation in processes fosters collective ownership
  • Leadership from the ground & the Larger World
  • Attention to in between as important as within
  • Owning the power of friendship in activism
  • Continuity is important for building


Since June 2020, Numun Fund has generated interest and received seed grants support in the ideation and set up of the fund. This has allowed Numun Fund to further raise foundational funds for re-granting and programming. Numun Fund aims to raise USD15million in the next 5 years for it work.

To contribute to the groundbreaking work of Numun Fund in seeding, resourcing and sustaining a feminist technology ecosystem towards a more just world, get in touch - we welcome your support and participation in this groundmaking movement to radically transform power.

Founding supporters and donors:

Oak Foundation
Global Fund for Women
Ford Foundation
Open Society Foundation

Growing constellation of supporters and donors:

Wellspring Foundation
Equality Fund
Global Fund for Women
Oak Foundation
Open Society Foundation
Channel Foundation
Mozilla Foundation
Foundation for a Just Society

Numun Fund is incubated at Women Win. Women Win is both Numun Fund’s thought partner in its founding phase, as well as fiscal sponsor, offering its registered non-profit entities in the US, UK and The Netherlands as vehicles for Numun Fund to receive grants and other contributions.