Seed, Grow and Sustain

Sustain. To support the sustainability of larger feminist tech organisations.

  • Transparency builds trust
  • Inclusive and movement-led accountability
  • Participation in processes fosters collective ownership
  • Leadership from the ground & the Larger World
  • Attention to in between as important as within
  • Owning the power of friendship in activism
  • Continuity is important for movement building

Numun Fund Co-founder (India/UK)

African feminist working for LGBTQI rights
(West Africa)

Activist and facilitator on digital rights and safety

Digital trainer and researcher about safety, surveillance, censorship

Feminist activist and organiser

Numun Fund Co-founder & Co-cartographer (Malaysia)

Feminist tech specialist promoting tech sovereignty and digital protection
(Latin America & Caribbean)

Feminist activist

Independent consultant & activist on tech, feminism, and social justice

Feminist activist devoted to social and gender justice

Queer African writer (Kenya/South Africa)

Disabled feminist, writer, researcher and trainer

Researcher and writer on power, tech & justice