Country: Mexico

  • Sursiendo


    Sursiendo is an organization in southern Mexico that contributes to the transformation of digital technologies into spaces for autonomy, where all types of people can enjoy their freedom and collective digital rights, supporting the creation of a world where development considers both the sociotechnical and naturalenvironments. Their thematicfocus are digital communality, collective digital care and…

  • Movilidades Libres y Elegidas CoLibres

    Movilidades Libres y Elegidas CoLibres

    CoLibres is a group of women in southern Mexico, organized to promote and create conditions for people living in vulnerablesituations for the full exercise of their rights, particularly women, youth and migrant and refugees. They work from gender, intercultural and human rights based approaches, focused oneducation and land rights to promote autonomy.

  • R.A.M Redes Autónomas de Memoria

    R.A.M Redes Autónomas de Memoria

    R.A.M is a laboratory of artistic practices created to equip themselves with cyber-transhackfeminist self-defense strategies to confront gender violence through collective care, healing, art, sound and visual experimentation.