Region: Eastern Europe & Central Asia

  • SWAN


    The Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) is a regional network of sex worker-led organisations and their allies, working to create societies in Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia where sex work is de-penalised and decriminalised;sex workers can live and work free from violence, stigma and discrimination; and sex workers are empowered and actively engaged in…

  • Fem-Utopia


    Hawa Feminist Coalition is a non-governmental and non-profit feminist organization founded by young women and girls all under the age of 35 in 2018 as the first feminist-led movement in Somalia committed to promoting the safety, equality, justice, rights and dignity of young women and girls in Somalia.

  • Kyrgyz Space Program

    Kyrgyz Space Program

    The Kyrgyz Space Program (KSP) is a groundbreaking initiative led by young girls, with the aim of launching the first satellite of the Kyrgyz Republic. The program serves as a pioneer in space exploration, laying the foundation for aerospace research and practice in the country.