Grantmaking process

Phase 1

Call for applications open:

  • Go to
  • Confirm you meet the elegibility criteria
  • Share a bit about your activism and ideas in the form before August 1st 2022

Phase 2

Screening and shortlisting

  • Numun Fund team will do initial screening and shortlisting of applications that meets criteria and priorities of the call
  • If you are shortlisted, you will receive an invitation to send a full application to continue the process by 1 Sept 2022
  • Send full application form before 30 September 2022

Phase 3

Selection process

  • A selection committee made up of movement activists and practitioners in the Large World will review the full applications and make a decision
  • Numun Fund team will conduct due diligence process to check references of groups invited to apply
  • We aim to inform selected groups by November 2022

This grant is shaped through input and participation from the Grantmaking Design Circle, an advisory group made up by activists and practitioners in feminist tech, human rights, women’s funds and intersectional feminist and social justice movements, led by the Larger World. A community-led selection committee will participate in the peer review and final selection of the applications. The committee includes members from the Grantmaking Design Circle, co-dreamers and makers of Numun Fund, as well as activists from priority regions or movements.